Mobile Money

Recently awarded as the "Best Mobile Money for the Unbanked" in the 2010 annual GSM Mobile Awards by the GSM Association, TLCI's Mobile Money solution enables flexible integration with financial institutions from basic batch file transfer methods to advanced XML-based integration methods. Coupled with TLCI's long and proven experience in successful integrations with various telecom billing platforms, the TLCI Mobile Money solution affords full, rapid, and seamless integration owing to its full end-to-end operational experience covering both mobile and Mobile Money systems.

TLCI's Mobile Money solution adheres to the strictest security standards available for financial transactions through full compliance with ISO 8583 which is the de facto standard for systems that exchange electronic transactions made by cardholders using payment cards. The Mobile Money solution is a real international system as it is only one of a few mobile Mobile Banking systems globally with full multi-currency capabilities.

The solution's modular design affords full reusability, serviceability, and deployment ease. Its scalability is not only limited to a national level but also on an international level with its full multi-currency features and its inter-country transactional capabilities as it leverages on the cross-border balance transfer and electronic refill functionality available with the Mobile Commerce Suite.

Remittance and Bill Payment Gateway Integration

  • Easy Integration with various and existing Payment Gateway via API
  • Integration to MasterCard network via MIP
  • Integration with MasterCard Orbiscom platform for support of Single Use debit cards
  • Peer to Peer Transfer of Money
  • Support for international remittance via Western Union (both pull and push transactions)
  • International remittance via MoneySend
  • Agent bill payments -- bill payments via agent
  • Direct payments to the biller -- direct integration with the biller/utility companies
  • Off-line bill payments -- payments using batch processing set-up
  • Merchant payment via MSISDN and Nick-name
  • Merchant initiated transaction (NFC based)

Bank Integration

  • Bank integration using ISO 8583 and Batch processing
  • Standard Chartered Bank integration (ISO 8583)
  • Wallet to Bank account funds transfer (IBAN/SWIFT based transfer) and vice versa
  • Bank account information (balance, last transaction)
  • Payroll application -- one account to multiple accounts
  • Cardless ATM withdrawal
  • Multi-sponsor bank support and reconciliation
  • Non-sponsor Bank integration support
  • Interchange based transaction fees support
  • Exchange rate support